If You See These Symptoms, Don’t Wait, Head Straight To A Doctor


Are you aware what causes white spots on your nails and what do they symbolize? If your answer is no, then you should continue reading.

Most of the white dots are a result of air bubbles that are under the nail. These dots are medically termed as leukonychia and can also be caused by small injuries at the base of the nail.

You should also be aware that these white dots can be genetic as well. However, these white dots in different situations can symbolize underlying medical issues,

If you see anything of this sort appearing on your nails then do visit a doctor. White spots can be a symptom of fungal infection caused by Oncychomycosis. Warts or eczema and Psoriasis can also affect nails.

These white spots can be a one of the seven signals of Sarcoidis, a disease which is related to lungs, skin and other organs.

Problems of Thyroid gland are indicated by Plummer nails which have white specks and are soft. If the line is on lower psrt of the nail, it indicates that the disease is discovered at earlly stages.

If you find two white horizontal lines on your nail surface then contact your doctor, as it might be a sign of Hodgkin’s disease, cardiac arrest, leprosy and might even be indicative of malaria.

Two white horizontal narrow stripes on one or more nails indicate low levels of albumin in blood and is medically known as hypoalbumenia, which can cause numerous chronic and acute medical conditionssuch as liver cirrhosis, kidney diseases, heart failure . However, in most cases these lines are inflammatory response to an injury or infection.

Any of the above mentioned signs point out to the fact that there is something wrong with your health. Hence, as mentioned earlier as well, do visit a doctor.

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