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40 Babies Who Look Like Celebrities

This list of looks exactly like celebrities! From Jamie Oliver and Gandalf to Jay Z and Gordon Ramsey, all are included and their look-a-like babies in this list.

Check it out.

#1 This 2 Year Old Girl Looks Like Ed Sheeran

#2 Our Baby Looks Exactly Like Gordon Ramsay

#3 My Son Looks Like Danny Devito

#4 My Nephew Looks Like John Legend

#5 My Godson Think He’s The Royal Prince

#6 Friend’s Baby Looks Like Wallace Shawn

#7 My Friend’s Son Looks Like Jay-Z

#8 So My Friend’s Baby Looks Like Gandalf

#9 My Baby Looks Like A Thoughtful Vladimir Putin

#10 My Friend’s Baby Pictures Look Like Mrs. Doubtfire

#11 Baby That Looks Like Patton Oswalt

#12 Charlie Looks Like Cam From Modern Family

#13 My Old College Roommate Had A Baby Recently. I’m Convinced He Looks Like Michael Cera

#14 Isabelle Looks Like Tiny Jamie Oliver

#15 Jessica Looks Like Ashley Olsen

#16 Morgan Looks Like Shirley Temple

#17 Baby Looks Like Kevin From The Office

#18 Grady Looks Like Chris Farley

#19 Kirsten Dunst Mini Me

#20 My Friends Baby Looks Like Wallace Shawn

#21 My Baby Looks Like Karl Pilkington

#22 My Baby Cousin Looks Like Young Phillip Seymour Hoffman

#23 This Baby Looks Like Phil Deville From The Rugrats

#24 Friend’s Baby Looks Like A Mini Simon Pegg

#25 Baby Looks Like Comedian Bill Maher

#26 My Son Looks Like Evan Peters

#27 Baby Looks Like Rapper Ja Rule

#28 This Baby Looks Like Conan O’Brien

#29 6months Old And The Resemblance Is Scary Lol.

#30 Sammy Looks Like A Stay Puft Marsmallow Man From Ghostbusters

#31 Corrigan Looks Like Corey Feldman

#32 This Pakistani Child Completely Looks Like His Prime Minister . . !!!

#33 Usher And His Baby Twin

#34 James Looks Like Masbot Boy Alfred E. Newman

#35 My Son Looks Like A Young Angela Lansbury.

#36 Baby Looks Like Comedian Bill Maher

#37 My Godchild Looks Like Nic Shaw

#38 My Son Looks Like Robin Williams

#39 Little Tiger Woods

#40 My Friend’s Kid Looks Like Garth Algar


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