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This Is One Of The Most Beautiful Proposals That You Could Ever Come Across!


It’s hard to decide if you want to propose to your partner or not. But, what’s harder is to decide HOW to do it. it requires a lot of thinking and efforts. A few years ago a man called Ray Smith decided that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Claire. But a while later, they found out that they were going to have a baby. So he postponed the proposal and thought of doing things a little differently.

He proposed to Claire on July 31 and 150 days later he was STILL proposing.

What?! Do you know how?

Every day for five months, Ray stealthily asked Claire to marry him in a photograph without her knowing. He would sneak up on her while she was asleep and he would hold a card that read ‘Will you marry me?’

Basically, he did these crazy 148 different proposals in 148 different ways!

He certainly put a lot into this and hats-off to this guy for being so awesome at what he did.

“It was really stressful putting it all together, it took a lot of hard work,” Ray said. “She nearly caught me a couple of times but I just had to pray it worked.”

He also managed to get family and friends involved into the proposals.

He set his final proposal day for Christmas day, where he presented all the photos to Claire, and finally asked her to her face.

And finally she answered.

This is truly one beautiful way to propose someone.

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