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Shocking Historical Photos That Will Change Your Idea About The Past Completely!


The past is not completely known to us and that is a fact that is always redesigning our idea of how the times were back in the day. But the power of photography is such that it can totally shift what was once thought as fact to something that is debatable and multifaceted. Looking at these images have taught me one thing. And that is that the past is not it has always seemed:

Take a look at these images that will redefine the past:

1. Son Dying of AIDS



Published in November of 1990, this LIFE magazine photo changed the way America viewed AIDS. A son, dying of AIDS, is comforted by his father and family.

2. Bison Skull Mountain



By the 1870’s, bisons had been hunted to near-extinction. Here’s a picture of a mountain of bison skulls, to show just how many were killed in a short time.

3. Frozen Soviet Soldier



The Finnish were no fans of the invading Soviet troops from Russia. They decided to use this frozen Soviet soldier’s body as a scare tactic to demoralize the approaching Soviet troops.

4. Swimming Lessons With No Pool



In 1922, if you had no access to a pool but still wanted to learn how to swim, you had to make do.

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