Artist Installs Blunt ‘Three Billboards’ Message For Hollywood Paedophiles

The Martin McDonagh directed film, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, has been selected for a host of awards at some of the biggest events such as the Oscars, BAFTAs and Golden Globes.

In the film, an inconsolable mum pays to have messages attached to three deserted billboards that criticize the local police force for not finding the person who raped and murdered her daughter.

It highlighted how a simple message could send shockwaves through a community if its done in the right way and since the film debuted in September last year, activists around the world have been inspired by the plot.

Street artist Sabo, called unsavoryagents on Twitter, has installed three dramatic messages on billboards in Los Angeles, with one saying: ‘We all knew and still no arrests’. Another says: ‘And the Oscar for biggest pedophile goes to…’, and the final reads: ‘Name names on stage or shut the hell up!’

It’s a pretty challenging stunt; particularly considering the Academy Awards will be held this weekend.

The message continues to highlight the stories which appeared last year as a part of the #MeToo movement, which disgraced Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and others in the TV and film sphere who are accused of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.

Writing on Twitter, the artist says: “I was hoping to document things however almost everyone who was supposed to help didn’t show so we were short on men.

“When I was ready to call it a day [friends] insisted to push forward. I can’t thank them enough for that.”

This is one of many stunts that have happened around the world to highlight a lack of justice following a tragedy.

Justice4Grenfell put three massive red signs on vans which said, ’71 Dead’, ‘And Still No Arrests?’, ‘How Come?’. The vehicles travelled through London before coming to the charred remains of the Grenfell Tower to get a reaction from the UK government.

Meanwhile, Avaaz organised three vans to circle around the office of Florida senator Marco Rubio following the Parkland school shooting, with the signs saying, ‘Slaughtered in School’, ‘And Still No Gun Control?’, ‘How Come, Marco Rubio?’.

Billboards popped up in Malta to mark the fourth anniversary of the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. The government was criticised when the messages were ripped down the following day by authorities that deemed them illegal.

There have also been similar ones for the Syrian civil war and the crippled NHS.

Frances McDormand, the star of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri told the crowd after winning a BAFTA: “I want to say that I appreciate a well-organised act of civil disobedience, and I am thrilled that activists all over the world have been inspired by the set decoration of the Three Billboards in Martin’s film.

“And [who] have taken to the streets, and let it be a part of the positive public discourse that’s happening.”

Photo: ladbible


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