Here’s How You Can Protect Your Hairs From Chlorinated Pool Water

Well, we all love to spend time in the pool and relax ourselves, but the flipside is its chlorinated water that can damage the hairs.

Chlorine is used in pools to keep the bacteria and other harmful substances away from water. However, it can have an effect on hair. Additionally, most of the pools contains high levels of copper which can also be harmful to hairs.

Here are some of the methods that might be helpful:

Rinse your hair before stepping into water

It is necessary to take a shower before taking a dip in the pool, not just for hygiene, but it is also in protecting the hairs. The fry hair absorbs chlorinated water very easily and deeply and hence wetting the hair before swimming becomes essential.

When the hair is rinsed beforehand, it will reduce the amount of harmful chemicals it absorbs, lessening its risk to damage.

Apply conditioner or better hair oil

Applying oil or conditioner before getting into pool can do wonders to your hair as we all know that water and oil don’t mix. Therefore, the chlorinated water will not be able to break the wall of oil and enter the hair.

Washing hair after

It is imperative to wash the hairs to ensure there is no chemical left. Make sure your hair gets a thorough cleansing.

Wear a cap

One easy method is to wear a cap, but if you don’t want to wear one, then make sure you rinse your hair with clear water.


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