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16 Photographs That Prove Our Favorite Animated Movie Characters Live Among Us

Every girl dream of becoming a Disney Princess. Those glass shoes, the voice that’s sweeter than honey. We all had our favorite animated characters. We so wished if they were alive and they lived among us. Well, they do live among us. These images prove the fact that our favorite animated characters live in our society.

1. Mrs. Potato Head of Toy Story

Well, the makeup is almost same in this case.

2. Gru of Despicable Me

Will you still say they do not live among us?

3. Elsa of Frozen

That platinum hair, those big eyes. Yes, the animated characters you almost fell for. One of them does live in real life.

4. Merida of Brave

Ah! That gorgeous hair. The storyline was awesome and so were the characters. The animated cast was really great in this movie.

5. Leela of Futurama

Oh my god! Even the hairstyle is same. Leela definitely live among us. She really does.

6. Lilo of Lilo and Stitch

This show really touched many hearts and so did the characters. And how do you feel if we say that Lilo actually live in this world? Excited, right?

7.Minions of Despicable Me

Now, who doesn’t love Minions? They are everybody’s favorite animated characters. And see, they live among us. I have never been this happy.

8. Meg Griffin of Family Guy

Oh god, the similarity. Now you can safely assert that this animated character lives among us. She really does.

9. It’s time for Hot Meg

Who doesn’t love the hot side of their favorite animated characters? We bring you hot Meg.

10. Flash of Zootopia

Who’s cuter? Flash or Flash’s look-alike.

11. The Simpson family

They really live among us. Don’t believe us? Look at the picture. Aren’t you happy that your favorite animated heroes are real?

12. Ned Flanders of The Simpsons

Only if it weren’t for the eyes.

13. Mother Gothel of Tangled

I am pretty sure she’s looking for her Rapunzel.

14. Gadget Hackwrench of Chip ’N Dale Rescue Rangers

Doesn’t she look cute? She sure does.

15. Yubaba of Spirited Away

Don’t get your mind blown with such shocking similarity.

16. Jessica Rabbit of Trail Mix-Up

“Hot” and “ditto” are the only words that come to my brain. You just got a reason to cheer up as such animated characters live among us.


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