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Common Skin Condition As Psoriasis and It’s Treatment With Home Remedies That Works

Home remedies can deal with a large number of skin related problems, in the case of the onset of psoriasis we can treat your symptoms to avoid deeper lesions and relieve the pains caused by inflammation.

Everyone knows that psoriasis is one of the autoimmune diseases that manifests itself in the skin and is shown with visible lesions, redness, scaling and skin lesions that can vary in severity. However, not all people have complete information on what is this health problem and what are the different types of psoriasis that exist, and that this disease can affect the joints and is produced by the immune system.

What is psoriasis?

This disease is known as ” psoriatic disease ” is an inflammatory disease that causes scales pink, gray or pink, but not only affects the skin as everyone believes, but also affects the scalp, nails and the joints. It is important to emphasize that this disease is not contagious, since many people fear when approaching someone who suffers from psoriasis due to the symptoms that it presents.

What are the symptoms of psoriasis?

The symptoms that occur in people suffering from this disease are:

  • Pink, gray, or silver spots usually appear in areas of joints, knees, and elbows.
  • Flakes on stains
  • Itching sensation
  • Burning sensation

Sometimes these symptoms are caused on the scalp, genitals, under the breasts, etc.

The nails turn yellow and begin to fall.

Injuries to the soles of the feet and palms of the hands.

What are the causes of psoriasis?

The causes of this disease are unknown, however their appearance may be related to:

  1. -Genetic Factor : The majority of people who suffer from psoriasis is because they have inherited it, someone in their family has also suffered.
  2. -Stress: Stress is the cause of many diseases and health problems, in this case may provoke or worsen the situation.
  3. -Infections
  4. -Nervousness
  5. -Obesity
  6. -Excess of sun exposure
  7. -Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages
  8. -The hormonal changes
  9. -Consumption of certain drugs

5 home remedies for psoriasis:

There are different treatments and medications to combat psoriasis, however home remedies remain one of the best options to treat your symptoms . Before opting for some of them it is advisable to consult with a professional doctor, because psoriasis is a disease that can be aggravated, affecting other parts of the body.

1. Baking soda to fight psoriasis

The symptoms of this disease are often very annoying sometimes, so to calm the itching or burning in the skin produced by psoriasis or eczema , it is recommended to dilute two or three tablespoons of baking soda in 1 liter of water, then soaking a cloth with the preparation and place it on the affected area.

2. Olive oil

A very popular remedy when it comes to calming the symptoms of psoriatic disease is olive oil . In this case you should mix two tablespoons of olive oil in a glass of milk, this is added to the water of the jar and if the scales are on the scalp, apply the preparation and massage the affected area for a few minutes.

3. Aloe vera pulp as a treatment :

The properties of aloe vera are perfect to combat this disease on the skin , only apply the pulp or aloe vera gel on the lesions. In addition it is also advisable to drink aloe vera infusions daily, in natural products stores you can get aloe vera juice, or you can prepare yours at home, ask how to make aloe vera juice , this preparation is effective to finish with the symptoms of psoriasis.

4 Anti-inflammatory Properties of Chamomile

The camomile has anti – inflammatory properties which makes it ideal for treating lesions caused by psoriasis , one should prepare an infusion and applied with a cotton affected areas. Care should be taken with the scales that are raised on the skin, so it is best to cool the infusion and then apply it when it is cold.

5. Treat this skin condition on the nails

This type of nail injury is known as acropustulosis , this can cause the nails to become thicker or deform, you can expand this information by reading this treatment for nail psoriasis . These lesions can be treated with vinegar , cured by placing a stream of vinegar into a cup of water and then submerged the fingers for 30 minutes.

Vitamin D

Very often, psoriasis treatment begins with topical creams and ointments-products that you put on your skin. Studies show that vitamin D ointment works the way topical anti-inflammatory drugs called corticosteroids work. In fact, a combination of the two types of prescription drugs is even more effective. An example of a vitamin D ointment is calcipotriene (Dovonex). It is usually applied twice a day to psoriasis plaques, red areas of the skin covered by silver scales.

As we have mentioned, psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. Some studies show that people with other autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, tend to have low levels of vitamin D. People with autoimmune disease may see improvement with vitamin D supplements.

We also know that exposure to ultraviolet light slows down the abnormal immune response in psoriasis and increases vitamin D production. Treatment with ultraviolet light, called phototherapy, is also a common and effective psoriasis therapy.

Ask your doctor if taking vitamin D supplements may be good for your overall health. This is especially important if you are already receiving vitamin D through a psoriasis ointment, since you may have an overdose of vitamin D. Taking more than 2,000 IU (international units) per day could result in unwanted side effects.


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