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Clarification on entry-exit law for expats

MANY expatriates are still confused about Article 7 of the new labour law, regulating the entry and exit of expatriates, especially regarding their rights to travel for annual leave or for an emergency.

As per the Article, a worker has the right to travel on the due date of his annual leave or for an emergency back home based on terms and conditions of the employment contract.

The worker has the right to get a ticket and a salary, but if he is leaving for good, he should receive end of service gratuity.

However, a group of employees, especially high ranking ones or those handling financial matters, may be obliged to inform their employers before departure.
The Article suggests Qatar’s keenness to ensure protection of expatriate workers’ rights. Qatar has introduces several measures such as the Wage Protection System (WPS) to protect workers. Qatar has imposed a fine of QR25,000 on those employers that hold expatriate workers’ passports. (TNN)

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