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Celestial spectacle over Qatar’s sky this month

Celestial spectacle over Qatar’s sky this month

Residents of Qatar and all Arab countries will be seeing and observing three planets of our solar system close to the Moon during October 2017, according to accurate astronomical calculations by Qatar Calendar House (QCH).

These astronomical phenomena are very important because these phenomena are good chance to see and observe  planets with moon together at same time by naked eyes and digital cameras. Moreover it is a guide for amateur astronomers to know map of sky during this month, astronomer expert Dr. Beshir Marzouk said.

The red planet “Mars” will coming close to Moon on Thursday (October 17) where it will be at less than two degrees south of Moon’s center.

Qatar’s residents can see Mars and Moon together over eastern horizon of Doha sky from the rise of Mars until sunrise. Mars will rise over Doha sky at 3:32am, while sunrise in Doha is at 5:33am.

On Wednesday (October 18), the brightest planet of solar system “Venus” will coming close to Moon; where it will be at two degree north of moon’s centre. Qatar residents can see Venus and Moon together over eastern horizon of Doha dawn sky from rise of Moon until sunrise; where Moon will rise over Doha sky at 4:05am, while sunrise time will be 5:33am Doha local time, Dr. Beshir Marzouk added.

Finally, the planet with rings “Saturn” will come close to New Crescent; where it will be at three degrees south of Moon’s centre on October 24. Qatar’s residents can see  Saturn with New Crescent for three hours approximately over western Horizon of Doha night sky, from sunset time until from time rise of Saturn; where it will set on Doha sky at 8:13pm Doha local time.


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