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Compensation Claims Committee, after 5,956 complaints, to tap global legal firms

The Compensation Claims Committee has received a total of 5,956 complaints related to the siege imposed by the Saudi-led bloc, since the inauguration of its offices by the Prime Minister and Interior Minister H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani on July 10.
The committee received a total of 5,730 files of documented cases from people affected by the siege which started on June 5.

An official from the Committee said on its fifth week, the committee documented 166 complaints, including those from Qataris, GCC citizens, expatriates and companies affected by the siege.
Yesterday alone the committee received 19 complaints, seven of which were made through telephone calls, said the official. In the last two days the committee said it also received 60 files of documented complaints from Qatar Chamber. These complaints were part of 800 cases under process. Qatar Chamber is going to hand over all the complaints it has received from the business sector to the committee in groups after finalising and having been studied by legal experts and classified in accordance to the type of cases.

Complaints included loss of properties, livestock, family investments and cases of disunited mixed families whose children had been separated from their parents.

Complaints also included seizure of vehicles and prevention of expatriate workers from entering to Qatar with their deported employers.

One of the parents who has children from a Saudi mother said because of the blockade he could not see his children or send them money although he is in touch with them by telephone. Mohammed Al Marri said he filed complaint to the Compensation Claims Committee in order to find solution to bring his children back home although they are below ten years which makes it difficult for them to be separated from mother he added.

Meanwhile, the Compensation Claims Committee while preparing files to pursue compensation for the damages caused to individuals or companies, has also started contacting some legal firms to provide legal services.

In this regard the committee recently held a meeting with a British legal firm but the committee’s source said this was not the first firm they have contacted as many legal firms are showing interests to offer their services including Arab and renowned international firms.

The coming period is going to witness steps to take legal measures against the siege countries in local and international courts through international organizations in order to compensate people for damages caused by the siege.

The committee said the decision to pursue compensation for damages will not be tied to the political path of the crisis emphasizing separation from the legal aspect in line with what was started earlier by top legal official.

Qatar’s attorney general, Ali bin Fetais al-Marri, said, “The difference between politics and law is that in law there is continuity, unlike politics, which could be stopped by certain conditions. He was commenting on the state of negotiations between Qatar and the blockading countries through mediators.


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